Current Exhibition

 Main Galleries
(Carriage House closed for the season)

On Saturday, November 10th, there will be an exhibition of paintings by Pamela Cardwell in the Main Galleries. The work will be on display through December 2nd  with a reception for the artist on Saturday, November 10th  from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m.  The Carriage House will be closed for the season.

 Pamela Cardwell


Untitled, 2018, oil on canvas, 50 x 36 inches

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“I build my oil paintings with line and color over a long period of time.   A number of these paintings were started while I was an artist in residence at the Maritime Museum in Camden, New Jersey.   Some began on the coast of North Carolina and all were finished in my studio in Brooklyn.  While in Camden I painted in the gardens of the Center for Environmental Transformation.  Through talking to the farmer who works there I learned about the minutiae of form and how to look closely to see the specifics of light, color, and rhythm. The opportunity to meet and talk with long-term residents of Camden made me acutely aware of inequity and the necessity of not judging other people or my own work. Other influences include the paintings of Constable and Gainsborough in the Philadelphia Museum and the capacious spirit of Walt Whitman’s poetry.    Thanks to Cassie Macdonald and Cuz Keith in Camden.”

Pamela Cardwell



Sculpture Garden

 Bruce Gagnier

Making It Up

May, 2014, bronze, 69 x 19 x 16 inches

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“I remember eight sides to a form
And one should have a purpose
Something like “make a good figure”
Remembering the term good and the word figure
Don’t coincide to the eight sides of a form
in a body bilateral but opposed
there is a gap between the saying and the actions
which are not mute
the words seem to sustain in off moments”

            Bruce Gagnier, 2018