Current Exhibition

 Joseph Haske


On Saturday, April 29th , a new exhibition will open at John Davis Gallery. The work of  Joseph Haske will be displayed with a reception for the artist on Saturday, April 29th from 6 to 8 pm. The exhibition continues through May 21st.


Asterion 3, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

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“The Minotaur is a monster created by the (misbehavior) adventures of others; his mother, her husband Minos, and the craft of the artist Daedalus.  Half man half beast he lives with no friend or country, confined in his loneliness and rage to the dark labyrinth.
Ennobled only in death at the hands of Theseus the hero.

Does sorrow exist only in the perfectly formed?

These paintings are <compilations> of passages of paint phenomena, layered, disparate, and possibly incoherent.  And like Asterion, often divided.

I wanted —in this search— to place myself outside my known area and find, perhaps stumble upon, another kind of order, another kind of beauty, another country.

…..but “let’s not be L 7”;
“Hattie told Mattie ‘bout a thing she saw,
Had two big horns and wooly jaw,
Wooly bully…. wooly bully”

Joseph Haske