Upcoming Exhibitions

 Ron Milewicz


Sun and Oak, 2019, oil on panel 24 x 18 inches

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“The paintings in this exhibition are from two different places and times in my life. The earlier works are from the borough of Queens in New York City while the later ones are from the rural Hudson Valley town of Gallatin, New York. The paintings were made either from direct observation or from drawings that were made from direct observation. It is important that they are connected to a particular place and also important that they leave that place in some way. I am interested in the light and atmosphere of where I am working. I restructure each site as an image through means that are simultaneously intuitive and rigorous. Through the translation of a location into paint, I arrive at another location.”

Ron Milewicz


 Laetitia Hussain

Still Life Love Life

On Saturday, March 30th, there will be an exhibition of works by Laetitia Hussain. The work will be on display through April 21st  with a reception for the artist on Saturday, March 30th.

Laetitia Hussain

 Still Life Love Life, 2019, giclee print (1/10 edition), 7 x 7 inches

 “Stones and trapezoids become symbols of chance encounters that shape an abstract idea into tangible works that lay between the natural and my spiritual world.  Transforming stones to bronze.  Choosing to repeat the shape of the trapezoid, to see it evolve and resonate into the complexity of sameness.  Seeing the possibilities that emerge while maintaining a few strict parameters. I have found that it is best to live my life the same way I make my work.  By heightening my awareness to see what presents itself and adopt it as a guide and learning its patterns and rituals that become a body of work.  Which creates space in time in the life I live. A measure of time, value and wealth.  Finding the value in something that comes out of pure chance and choice.  To pay attention to something,  giving it worth and life. A philosophy that can apply to animate and inanimate forms.”

Laetitia Hussain

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